Conversations With Impact

How I met Dee

In September 2018, I was made redundant from De Montfort University where I had worked since 2005. My own business, Conversations With Impact, was at that stage a side-line interest and never intended as my main focus. Overnight, redundancy meant it became exactly that.

I knew I could provide coaching and therapy, but what I did not know was how to run a business. A friend, who had worked with Dee, suggested I contact her, so I did. Within approximately one minute I knew I would be working with Dee.

Working with Dee

I got what I expected from Dee in terms of business knowledge and expertise, but that was only half the story. Dee was relentlessly supportive and over time I knew that she was thinking about me outside of our scheduled sessions. The value she provided was evident as my business was changing in front of my very eyes. By the time I finished my first period of working with Dee, my financial position was transformed and I had a record numbers of clients. 

I knew that I would work with Dee again even if I did not expect this to happen with the arrival of the coronavirus. The coronavirus decimated my existing business, but it also provided me with an opportunity. I had always wanted to take my business in new directions, but as before I didn’t know how to make that happen. Dee is showing me how.

Benefits realised

  • Business Knowledge Dee has transformed me from a coach and therapist who also runs a business, to a businessperson who is also a coach and therapist. 
  • Business Vision She spots opportunities that I would never spot and provides a vision that I would never see. 
  • Financial Results In my second period working with Dee, she has helped to transform my financial situation still further, and the new products and services I am keen to develop are coming along nicely under her guidance.


The final thing I would say about Dee is that she is very supportive and also appropriately challenging. It is not always comfortable talking to Dee, but business is not a comfortable endeavour and Dee never shies away from telling it how it is.

I can’t recommend Dee highly enough. 

Mark Evans

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“Dee is a hugely inspirational business leader, she drives forward with a powerful mix of intelligence, technical know-how and people skills.”
Graham – Imperial Roofing Supplies UK Ltd.  A client since Feb 2018.

With 20 years Sales and Managing Director experience to draw upon, I have the energy & determination to ensure optimum results are achieved by continuously supporting business leaders to think strategically, deliver with pace and move outside their comfort zones.