Exit Strategy

Creating a business that has a value to be sold.

You thought long and hard when you set up your business. You put in countless hours building your business. You made sacrifices, managed stresses, and celebrated the successes. You put your heart and soul into your business.

But what happens when the time comes to move on, retire, or do something new?

Have you created a value in your business? A value in the business that it works and is successful without you?

If not, then did you know that this will greatly affect the potential sale valuation of your business.

I meet many business owners who never spent time thinking about how they will exit their business and the value of it without them. They feel that thinking about exit while running the business shows lack of commitment. But that’s not the case.

It is about making sure the efforts, heartache, challenges overcome and successes you achieve deliver a benefit not just now, but create a legacy for you.

If you wait until you are ready to sell to think of these things it may be too late as a savvy buyer will do their due diligence and know you are simply ‘cleaning’ the business to make attractive for sale.

Start thinking of your exit plan and dreams now to maximise the chances of it being achieved.  It is normal to start this at least 3 years before business sale.

If you would like support on your exit strategy then do get in touch with me, using the Contact Me page.

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