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How I met Dee

Pre 2018 were tough years for Imperial, with a significant amount of time and focus needed to turnaround our business performance.  Basic controls and disciplines were needed from improved stock management, to debtor control, to product range and more.  These foundations enabled stability in our performance.

Then in Jan 2018, Barclays invited me to a Business Growth seminar, being led by Dee Beckett at Mosaic.  I knew that things needed to change even more at Imperial, and that there were huge opportunities for growth.  However, I wasn’t sure how and what to do next.

At the workshop, Dee came across as incredibly down to earth, approachable and honest.  Although she doesn’t have experience of the roofing sector, she quickly understood our issues and more importantly identified opportunities for growth during the session.  

Working with Dee

Working with Dee is simple.  There is no fuss. Nothing is too much trouble.  Plus, she is highly flexible in her approach so month to month we focus on what matters to the business results.  With Dee, getting great business results is a given.  What we didn’t expect is the reduction in stress.  As we are on her retainer package, we know we can call her as often as needed throughout the month to help with problems, use as a sounding board and get honest feedback.  It is always honest feedback from Dee.  She will say it like it is, even if she knows it isn’t what we want to hear as she will always have our best interests at heart.

I have now been working with Dee for nearly three years, and she is like a Director of the business.  She gets involved with all the strategic planning through to the detailed decision making ensuring everything is aligned to our long term growth plans and vision.  She works with us and helps us to create our business plan and then breaks it down into manageable strategies, projects and action plans.  All with clearly defined targets and return on investments calculated so we can review and measure what is working, what is not and quickly adapt and change.  This is how we were able to flex our business model so quickly during the pandemic and continue to go from strength to strength.

Benefits realised

Since working with Dee, we have:

  • Financial results.  She always says that ‘numbers tell a story’.  We have more than doubled our turnover, margins have improved, and working capital is stronger than ever.  This trend will continue with new projects identified as part of our annual business planning process with Dee
  • Investment.  Employed another two members of staff and invested in new vehicles due to our significant growth.  Further expansion and investment is planned.
  • Been kept accountable. There is no hiding with Dee.  Every session, notes are taken, action plans written and on a regular basis throughout the month, they are chased and reviewed to ensure we are on track.
  • Focus and decision making.  It is tough being a business owner.  Knowing what to do, when and why.  Dee helps us to see the wood from the trees which gives clarity and focus enabling our decision making. 
  • Operational efficiencies and team training and development. Dee gets involved in all aspects of our business including implementing improved processes and team training and development. From trade account management to stock reviews, to social media management, she has helped in so many ways.
  • Improved wellbeing.  With all of this put together, there is a definite reduction in stress and overall improved wellbeing.  I know I can call Dee at any time for support and nothing is too much trouble.


If you are a business owner, then call Dee.  You will not regret it.  The investment in her will be the best decision you will make.  She will help you, guide you, and do much of the work for you in a fraction of the time it would take anyone else to do it, and get you incredible results too.  

Graham Colbourne
Managing Director

Imperial Roofing Supplies UK Ltd

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“Dee is a hugely inspirational business leader, she drives forward with a powerful mix of intelligence, technical know-how and people skills.”
Graham – Imperial Roofing Supplies UK Ltd.  A client since Feb 2018.

With 20 years Sales and Managing Director experience to draw upon, I have the energy & determination to ensure optimum results are achieved by continuously supporting business leaders to think strategically, deliver with pace and move outside their comfort zones.