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How I met Dee

I met Dee at the start of 2019.  I had just setup Fabric Recruitment and wanted to get things right first time.  Dee was recommended to me by colleagues in my parent company Route4 Solutions, who had come across Dee through her insightful and helpful social media posts.  As soon as we met, I knew she was right to support me and my business.

Working with Dee

 I love working with Dee.  She has the perfect balance of support and challenge.  She isn’t afraid to give her opinion, even when she knows it may not be what I want to hear.  She helps me to create the business roadmap to deliver my vision, and the various strategies to get results.  Of course, being a new business, resources are limited and she can very quickly help prioritise strategies and action plans to make a difference to results faster.  

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Dee.  She pre-empts business issues and is proactive in her approach.  

Having worked with her for over a year now, she is a coach, mentor, advisor and member of the team too.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Things haven’t gone perfect over this time.  Covid 19 hit and Fabric sadly came to a standstill as recruitment activity in the market place stopped.  So although, I had to pause my retainer support with Dee, I knew she was always thinking about me and this was evident by calls and emails of opportunities she had come across to help get Fabric back up and running.  Some of these weren’t even core to our business model, but in the pandemic, she was very clear about the need to understand our USP, and see how it can transferred to other markets.

As the recruitment market re-started, I had no hesitation in starting to work with Dee again.  In just a few short weeks, with clarity and focus of our approach, we have already started to achieve great results and the pipeline is looking fabulous.  Together we have identified new services and packages to offer existing clients to support them even more through the pandemic.  There are always new opportunities to be explored with Dee.  She never sees a problems, only challenges to overcome.

Over this time, Dee has also supported our parent company and sister companies, looking at overall business planning and creating an consolidated business support proposition for the market.

Benefits realised

Since working with Dee, we have:

  • Financial results.  Dee, as an ex-accountant, likes to measure the impact of our strategies, see what is working and what isn’t and is always looking to improve.  We review key performance indicators each month and ensure activities are on track to deliver the results.  
  • Been kept accountable. There is no hiding with Dee.  Every session, notes are taken, action plans written and on a regular basis throughout the month, they are chased and reviewed to ensure we are on track.
  • Focus and decision making.  I have a huge passion and expertise in what I do and Dee has a huge passion and expertise in business.  We leverage each other’s strengths and this enables great focus and clarity for timely decision making.
  • Goes beyond the expected. It isn’t unusual to get emails from Dee about all sorts of other helpful information.  From available grants for business expansion, to Covid 19 grants and eligibility information, to leads identified through her wider network.  I truly feel she has me and Fabric in her mind at all times.
  • Improved wellbeing.  Beyond a shadow of doubt, Dee challenges me.  Some of our sessions have been tough.  Very tough.  But I always know, she has my best interest at heart and is there to support me through good times and tough times.  Knowing she is there and truly cares about my success, and will support me with whatever I ask for, takes a lot of the pressure and stress away.  


Being a business owner can be lonely, even if you have a team.  We started our businesses as we had a passion and expertise in what we did.  However, there are so many things we need to know about making business successful and truly taking a business from good to great to awesome.  That is Dee’s passion and expertise.  If you are ready for growth, then call her.  You will not regret it.  Not only is she so knowledgeable, but she is absolutely lovely too.

Katie Pass
Founder and Owner

Fabric Recruitment

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“Dee is a hugely inspirational business leader, she drives forward with a powerful mix of intelligence, technical know-how and people skills.”
Graham – Imperial Roofing Supplies UK Ltd.  A client since Feb 2018.

With 20 years Sales and Managing Director experience to draw upon, I have the energy & determination to ensure optimum results are achieved by continuously supporting business leaders to think strategically, deliver with pace and move outside their comfort zones.