I help achieve business growth. 

I work as a partner with you and your teams to create short to long term plans to increase your sales, be more profitable, implement efficient processes, deliver operational excellence to your customers and develop engaged teams.

I believe, like a mosaic, every business is unique – its history, people, culture, product/service, processes, etc.  But the foundation bringing this together to create a successful business is fundamentally the same:

  • Business direction - Creating the roadmap to achieve your vision.
  • Getting the right products and services to the right customers.
  • Delivering excellent operations and customer experience.
  • Developing a high performance culture with talented and passionate teams.
  • Knowing your numbers: what you measure you get.
  • Action changes things: plans without action waste time.

Each client is different so I provide tailored support to enable growth.

See below for some examples of how I support my clients.  These lists are not exhaustive.

As your business grows and achieves results, the support I provide will flex and vary to ensure your growth continues.

Direction & Decision Making

A roadmap to your destination.

Define the business vision and create a business plan to give clarity, focus and direction to enable effective decision making.

Alignment of Goals & Action Plans

The devil is in the detail.

The wider business plan needs to be broken down into detailed actions across your business areas (sales, marketing, operations, teams, finance, and more) which are prioritised to deliver results.

Measuring & Making it Happen

What you measure, happens.

Set and review key performance indicators, refine strategies and action plans accordingly to ensure progress towards your business goals and vision.

Core to Everything

Give honest and transparent feedback, including things you may not want to hear. 

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Contact us to arrange a free one-hour Business Snapshot where we can discuss your business, your challenges, your goals and how I can support you. I am here to help you succeed!

Customer Testimonials

"Dee is definitely worth having a meeting with. She has been supporting our business for 3 years and we have seen rapid growth as a result of her support, strategies and focus."

Graham, Director

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"I left the session feeling really positive after solidifying lots of ideas that I'd been thinking about. I would strongly recommend Mosaic to any business serious about progressing their organisation!"

Aime, Director

I met Dee through a networking group we both attend, instantly I loved her approach and straight forward nature. She’s not your normal ‘business coach’ and let’s face it we all come across a lot of them. Sure, she asks difficult questions - but that’s the point of this right? To address the things that hold businesses back (no matter how difficult that may be) and make positive changes. Dee has helped us to focus on the direction we want our business to go in, and the steps that we need to take to reach our optimum success. I would highly recommend Dee to any business, big or small. Her corporate background coupled with her genuine want for your business to succeed will have an impact on your company like no other. Give it a go - you won’t regret it!

Libby, Director.

"I was weary of working with a Business Coach and Dee respected this. She was not pushy and over a period of time, I got to know her and realise that she works very differently to the stereotype. Over  the next year, we continued meeting each other for coffee and having a catch up.  Even though I wasn’t a client at the time, Dee was always happy to help chat over challenges I was facing and options I could consider.  It was never too much trouble.  

Dee is a pleasure to work with.  Whatever the challenges might be, Dee has been there and done that.  Whether it is strategic planning. financial, sales, marketing, operational, or employment related – she has had experience that she can call upon.  

I have such great ambitions for the business and Dee is by my side on all the big decisions and her input is always greatly valued.  But her support goes beyond being a coach.  She gets to know your business.  She gets things done.  She can quickly flex her skills from giving a 5 years strategic view of growth and then catapult down to the nitty gritty detail to ensure no balls are missed.  In addition, she is always willing to get her hands dirty and ‘do work’, unlike other coaches and consultants. 

I started with Dee with a few hours a month and soon realised that the retainer option was a ‘no brainer’ as she was accessible every day if I needed.   The business has gone from strength to strength, Opportunities are significant.  The next few years will be exciting."

Lola, Director

"I worked with Dee because my business had grown rapidly and I needed help to prioritize and get organised. Dee got straight down to business and gave me some great insights and tools to take away for me to focus on. She is great at identifying what your pressure points are in your business right now, articulating them and then giving you the right goals to take away and work with. "

Claire, Director

"Dee provided coaching for myself and my business partner. We are really passionate about what we do and are great at getting creative about our services. However, we really needed help to provide some structure, systems and process to what we were doing. Despite our creativity it felt like we were standing still! Dee was fabulous in so many ways: she gave us confidence as business owners by empowering us to take charge of the aspects of business that we had been avoiding! With Dee's support we introduced a systematic approach to tracking our activity and introduced a consistent social media plan. Dee was straight-talking, knowledgeable and really took the time to understand us and our business. I would highly recommend Dee to any business owner feeling stuck and wanting to take their business to the next level."

Elain, Director

"Dee is fabulous at what she does. No faff, no flannel and plenty of expertise. Dee is a true growth partner. Organised, efficient, knowledgeable and to the point. She knows her numbers and she knows sales. She knows what will work and what won't. No beating around the bush or coming up with excuses. Dee is an award winning business growth partner for a reason. She's good at what she does. I recommend her to you if you want to get focussed and move forward, fast."

Mandy Ward - Mandy Ward Books and Book Coaching

"We engaged with Dee (Mosaic Business Growth ) last September to help with a new venture Fabric Recruitment that we started last May. Dee’s main role is to give guidance and support, whilst creating a focussed business plan for the next 5 years. Dee has worked very closely with Katie, co founder of business to ensure Katie has remained focused and driven which has worked very well. Dee is always a phone call away and her experience and knowledge is invaluable. We have been so impressed , that Dee has become involved in supporting our main business Route4 Solutions and is an extension of our team, frequently involved in monthly meetings. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she goes over and above her remit. We continue to work with Dee and would have no hesitation in recommending her to any business that needs some guidance, structure and a re focus! "

Mike, Director

Business Growth Tips

Exit Strategy

Creating a business that has a value to be sold. You thought long and hard when you set up your business. You put in countless hours building your business. You made sacrifices, managed stresses, and celebrated the successes. You put your heart and soul into your business. But what happens when the time comes to […]

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Following Up

Following up contact from customers is not only basic etiquette … it should be the heart of your business. I hear so many stories of where people have been let down by others. For example, where a business: Has given time to a supplier to meet with them but then the supplier never followed up […]

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Too low, too high or just right? An emotive subject. Do we have one price for all? Tiered pricing structure? Discounts? Promotions? Do we copy competitors?  So many options. So many strategies.  Shall I tell you a secret? The secret is….. Know YOUR worth. Believe in YOUR worth, based on your USP, your differentiation and how […]

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Pitching your business

If you had 30 seconds to sell your product or service to your ideal client, what would you say? A pitch can happen anywhere – on a queue buying a coffee, at a networking event, at your child’s school fete. You never know who you are standing next to that might be interested in your […]

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Your U.S.P.

What makes you different?  Why should anyone buy from you? What is your differentiation?  There are many clothing retailers, make up brands, electricians, accountants, marketeers, designers, cafes, restaurants, holiday resorts etc. The key to differentiation is a “unique selling proposition” (USP).  Understanding what makes your business unique in a world of homogeneous competitors, enables you to target […]

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Business Planning

You need to know where you are going, to have any idea if you got there. I love working with SME business owners… they are brave, experts in what they do, and have been led by their PASSION to bring their product or service to others. This was brought to life even more as I recently […]

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Sales Strategy

If you don’t know where your future income is coming from how can you know if your business has a future? There are many elements of a sale. Some considerations are: Your customers Who are they, what do they look like? What are their painpoints and needs? Where are they? How do they like to […]

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Sales is Vanity

Reviewing your cash flow is an opportunity for growth. What makes your business tick? What moves the needle?  Do you know the right metrics that measure your business’ performance? For a hair salon it could be the number of cuts vs colours as profit will differ. For a product sales based business it may be […]

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“Dee is a hugely inspirational business leader, she drives forward with a powerful mix of intelligence, technical know-how and people skills.”
Graham – Imperial Roofing Supplies UK Ltd.  A client since Feb 2018.

With 20 years Sales and Managing Director experience to draw upon, I have the energy & determination to ensure optimum results are achieved by continuously supporting business leaders to think strategically, deliver with pace and move outside their comfort zones.